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Studio Klampisan is a space for interdisciplinary art practice and discourse as cultural work with the people. In the past year, the studio has been focusing on a Tapal Kuda (De Oosthoek, the easternmost region of Java) area and citizens’ laboratory that seeks to ignite alternative perspectives in viewing the corpus, memories, and events with the intention of producing novel knowledge through cultural studies and work. 


is co-founder and artistic director of Studio Klampisan. he is also an emerging director and producer active in Indonesia’s experimental performing arts scenes. Abi works on the relationships among performing arts, performance, socio-cultural dynamics of the society, and archives.


graduated from Theater Studies at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta in 2016. she has worked as an actress in the Kalanari Theater Movement. in 2020, co-founder Studio Klampisan which focuses on interdisciplinary art work.

Studio Klampisan

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