Talking with my-selves​

Talking with my-selves is a performance that is in the universe of power and identity issues. the performance that borrows the participatory-interrogative working mode, plays with the possibilities of presentation, representation, and those in between.

we invite several participants to input their personal data in the identity input space. the performer interacts with the plural self (performer and participant) as an attempt to reconsider issues that are singular and original, that bind and are unionized.

Working Team

Project Manager &  Performer : Dayu Prisma

Text dan Director : Abi Muhammad Latif

Publication : Andina R. I

Technical Team : Andina R. I, Sri Widodo, Elle, Firda

August 8, 2020

at Hore Kopi dan Apresiasi, Banyuwangi

Funded by Prita Kemal Gani

Supported by IDEAL, Hore Kopi dan Apresiasi