Mama’s Imagination Kitchen: 360° Video Performance

Based on Afrizal Malna’s writing, there are seven performative reconstruction videos produced in Studio Klampisan’s dapur imajinasi mama program. the kitchen as an imagination reflects images of family life, family dreams, hopes, failures and suffering. this imagination can turn into a kind of magical and thrilling adventure, because some of these workers are not equipped with sufficient knowledge about the language, skills and local culture in which they work. the use of 360 camera technology in the making of this performative reconstructive video, can add to the dramatic elements of this thrilling adventure and is potentially dangerous.

The practice of diversion and exchange in the seven videos has indeed shifted the experience of female as migrant workers into a public event. viewers become more aware of the complexities faced by migrant workers; and how they fight for their rights to get proper wages, working hours and days off. rights that were never explicitly stated when they worked as house helpers in Indonesia, because in Indonesia their position was disguised by viewing them as part of the household.

Video 360