what is moving in a horseshoe

colonialism bequeathed fragmented identity DNA. fetuses and sandwich generations celebrate what they had bequeathed, remade dangdut purrs under the roof of crossbreeding. can we erase the genetic memory of colonialism?

Javanese women give birth to babies with/using corn mills, do beds boil horses’ legs in the kitchen? babies are born. mothers from Java fly to the west to clean up the foreigner’s butts and leftovers.

June rain goes out of poetry, June rain stays as an unpredictable climate phenomenon because the sky is choked with factory smoke. upgrade the pranata mangsa application, greetings, kings.

meanwhile in villages, the culture has been sold in retail. mobs of tourists have become kings, thirsty for exoticism orgasm, and the locals, proudly, give them all they have.

ruwat. horseshoes need to be cleaned once every two months. because their legs are their hearts. Javanese horses also need beauty care. the beauty of Javanese horses soul therapy.